Sanjay sir

Committed to Sustainability and Inclusive Growth

Mr. Sanjay Dube is the Chief Executive Officer of IIEC. He has over 32 years of experience and his dynamic portfolio consists of working on clean energy and climate change related programs supported by international agencies like USAID, ADB, World Bank, UNIDO, UNEP, UNDP, GIZ, and DFID. 

IIEC-India believes that our people are our most valuable asset. From engineers to project managers and from international specialists to local experts, our people come from a diverse variety of backgrounds but are united in their talent, this leads to the unique working environment of cultural diversity required to fulfill our projects.

About IIEC India

IIEC-India is a respected organization with technical proficiency in creating energy-efficient policies, programs, and institution support across the energy spectrum. Their strategy emphasizes collaborative implementation with policymakers, industries, and global organizations. They concentrate on finding and fostering local, sustainable answers to worldwide energy and environmental issues, advocating practical innovation and creating lasting impact through scalable implementation and sustainable institutions.

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Our Management

Umeshwar Shrivastav


Amar Yadav

Managing Director

Sonia Shukla

Senior Project Manager

Rajib Deb

Project Manager

Anant Joshi

Project Manager

Amittosh Pandey

Project Manager

Somsuklo Biswas

Project Manager


We carry out our mission by concentrating on the following main objectives:

  • Accelerate the promotion of sustainable energy and environmental programs in developing countries and countries in transition
  • Develop strategies and action plans to accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency projects and market transformation programs.
  • Build stakeholder capacity for implementing energy efficient solutions and practices through outreach, training, and hand-holding.
  • Develop test procedures and standards and labeling regimes to improve supply chains of renewable energy technology systems.
  • Enabling the planning and governance of environmentally sustainable cities through green buildings and through management of solid waste, sewage, sanitation, mobility and air quality
  • Developing green mobility solutions by integrating electric mobility
  • Developing innovative solutions for clean air, regionally and in cities
Mission and Goals

Our Methods

Our success of over two decades is a result of a multitude of approaches:

  • Work in partnership with other leading institutions to embed implementable energy efficiency considerations in law, policy, and procedures.
  • Test and prove implementation strategies for scale-up through pilot programs, innovative finance, and cost-effective monitoring and verification systems.
  • Recommend institutional designs for public-private partnerships, with incentive structures and business models to highlight public interest in private activities.
  • Work with industry and R&D centers to perform market characterizations
  • Work on-the-ground, through multi-disciplined staff and partners, with institutions to conceptualize and construct innovative approaches, which break traditional disciplinary barriers to climate friendly energy efficiency programs.
  • Capacity building and knowledge dissemination
Mission and Goals

Our Promise

In every endeavor we undertake, we strive to uphold one or more of the following commitments:

  • Enhancing the use of sustainable resources
  • Encouraging efficient utilization of resources
  • Minimizing negative effects on the environment and climate
  • Improving access to essential services
  • Demonstrating innovation in project implementation
  • Dedicated to providing excellent training and capacity development
  • Extensive practical experience in utility-led Demand-Side Management and Energy Efficiency initiatives
  • Scaling up and promoting the adoption of resource-efficient and waste management solutions