August 21, 2023

Clean Energy Access Program Phase – II for Sharon H. Limaye Foundation

International Institute for Energy Conservation – India (IIEC - India) and its grassroot level not for profit partner, Shree Shakti Consciousness Foundation (SSCF) have joined hands to implement a program for improving the access to clean energy in the villages of India.
June 29, 2023

Impact Assessment of Solar Irrigation Pumps in the Agricultutre and Horticulture Sector

For better understanding about the gaps in adoption and penetration of solar pumps in different states, an impact assessment study was conducted. The objective was to understand and document the successful examples and the challenges faced by the states in achieving their targets.
May 16, 2023

Assess potential investment opportunities for sovereign guaranteed loan in city gas and district cooling market in India

The importance of cooling in space building and its linkage to good health and wellbeing and a decent working environment can be easily figured out by its linkage with Sustainable Development Goal #3. As urbanization is increasing and new businesses are coming up, so is the requirement of maintaining decent working conditions to facilitate people and increase their efficiency.
May 16, 2023

Reducing Air Pollution in India’s Industrial Cluster through Smart Energy Management

The project responded to a large body of evidence that points to industrial and power plant emissions as two of the major sources of air pollution in industrial areas. It also builds on an increasing number of studies demonstrating the effectiveness of smart energy management as a strategy for reducing air pollution in industrialized urban areas.